Dorsal Accessory Nucleus Of Inferior Olivary Complex

In the rabbit and cat, maximum CA nerve terminals were detected in the dorsal accessory nucleus, while in the monkey, they were detected in the medial accessory nucleus.  

Autoradiographic preparations show that cerebello-olivary fibers are highly ordered and suggest that the dentate nucleus projects primarily to the principal olive, the interpositus anterior relays particularly heavy to the dorsal accessory nucleus and the interpositus posterior distributes extensively to the medial accessory complex. For example, although dentate fibers end extensively within the principal nucleus some of them also distribute to portions of the medial accessory nucleus and perhaps the dorsal accessory nucleus as well.  

In the cat, the highest concentration of varicosities occurred within the medial one-half of the dorsal accessory nucleus while few, if any, varicosities were seen in this portion of the complex in the rat and monkey.  

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