Datasets -> Retinal Database

Use the query tool below to select retinal cells that you wish to view. Some of the selectors permit multiple selections; use the appropriate method for your OS.

The selectors for each variable are populated from values contained in the retinal database; if a value in the selector is not present, it indicates that no such value for that variable is present in the database.

One wildcard choice, 'Any', is available for every variable. This will match any data value for the specified variable. Some selectors have a 'None' choice, for example the 'Antibody' selector. Choose this if you wish to select those cells that did not use an antibody in their visualization.

Notice that where multiple selections are enabled, a precedence is associated with some selections. 'Any' has the highest precedence; if it is selected in conjunction with other values, it will over-ride them and return elements with all values. If 'None' is selected in conjunction with other values, it will override any other selection except for 'Any'.

Species Sex Cell Class Stratification Antibody Stain