Cortical Area 8

These proportions are constant at all ages in the claustrum and cortical area 8. These results demonstrate that, in subcortical structures and in cortical area 8, the laterality of the afferent connections to the visual cortex does not change during postnatal development.  

Volume and cell-density measures show that the transplants also rescue neurons in cortical area 8 that would normally degenerate following the cortical lesion. It is suggested that the learning deficit following the lesion is largely attentional and that the sparing of cortical area 8 (which in rats may include the analog of the frontal eye fields present in the primate cortex) contributes to the sparing of function..  

Following HRP gel implants into the PrCM/Ac, anterogradely labeled projections were observed to the dorsal medial subthalamic region (nucleus campi Foreli, NCF) and medial accessory nucleus of Bechterew (MAB), and to other subcortical nuclei known to receive inputs from cortical area 8 in the monkey.  

The efferent projections from the cortical area 8 (frontal eye field) have been re-examined in four adult monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) by injecting small amounts of H3-proline into the rostral bank of sulcus arcuatus and using the autoradiographic tracing technique.  

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