Cortical Area 18

Linear and nonlinear tuning properties of LGN Y-cells were then characterized and compared quantitatively with those of cortical area 18 neurons responsive to interference patterns.  

At the same time, area 17 exhibited attentional activation in the whole beta range, and an increase of power in low-frequency beta was observed in the medial bank of MSS, whereas cortical area 18 and the lateral bank of the MSS were activated in the high beta range.  

Within the cortical area 18 and lateral geniculate nucleus, no changes in the pattern of cytochrome oxidase activity distribution were detected in experimental kittens.  

We describe the dendritic development of neurons in the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus (LGNd) projecting to cortical area 18 in the postnatal cat.  

Given that cells in visual cortical area 18 in cats encode information of complex shapes, in addition to conventional stimuli like bars and gratings, we studied the capability of single cells in this area to 'identify' animated contours.  

The structure of orientation maps computed from a different number of stimulus orientations was studied in visual cortical area 18 of the cat.  

Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) or nerve growth factor (NGF) was continuously infused into cortical area 18, and the functional architecture of the cortex was examined by use of optical and electrophysiological recording techniques.  

Solid neural tissue from the neopallium of a 14-day-old fetus was transferred into a cavity prepared in visual cortical area 18 of 33-day-old kittens.  

The functional and structural topography of lateral inhibitory connections was investigated in visual cortical area 18 using a combination of optical imaging and anatomical tracing techniques in the same tissue.  

The effects of long-term monocular visual deprivation (MD) on the structure of the terminal arborizations of individual Y-type geniculocortical axons was studied in the cat's cortical area 18.  

The modulatory influence of a synchronously moving visual noise background on responsiveness to an optimally-oriented moving bar stimulus was investigated in visual cortical area 18 of the lightly-anaesthetized cat.  

We conclude that between 4 and 5 postnatal weeks and 1 year, geniculocortical Y-axons projecting to cortical area 18 undergo four major changes.  

The development of visual cell properties was studied in cortical area 18 (A18) of normal (NRs) and dark-reared kittens (DRs), from 2 weeks of age to adulthood.  

Primate visual cortical area 18 (visual area 2), when stained for the enzyme cytochrome oxidase, shows a pattern of alternating dark and light stripes; in squirrel monkeys, the dark stripes are clearly of 2 alternating types, thick and thin.  

Single unit responses to stimulation of the extraocular muscle receptors or of their afferent fibers were recorded from the visual cortical area 18 in normally or dark-reared cats.  

The present study is concerned with the projection of the lateral geniculate nucleus onto cortical area 18.  

The notable findings were the plasticity of the extremely old, enriched rats' occipital cortex and the lack of the loss of neurons in cerebral cortical area 18, whether or not the environments were enriched.  

Responses to binocular visual stimulation were compared in cortical area 18 of normal cats and in cats in which one eye was exodeviated by surgery early in postnatal life.  

Receptive-field properties of single neurons in cat's cortical area 18 were studied before and after partial bilateral lesions of area 17.  

cortical area 18 sends a dense projection to the rostral pons.  

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