Area TEA Of Temporal Cortex

Vision-related cortex (area TEA) in the rostral lower bank of the STS sends fibers to the rostral inferotemporal region (areas TE1, -2, and -3) and parahippocampal gyrus (perirhinal cortex, areas TF and TL).  

FST also has connections with the cortex in the lower bank of the sulcus, involving area TEA.  

area TEA receives no prestriate input and is innervated by IPa, PGa, FST, and TPO in the anterior STS.  

Here a rostrocaudal sequence of reciprocal connections unites area Pro, rostral and caudal divisions of area TEA, and the extrastriate visual area OAa (MT). area TEA also has reciprocal connections with adjacent segments of area TEm laterally, at the lower rim of the sulcus, and area IPa, medially, in the depth.  

For some cells in the lower bank of the superior temporal sulcus (area TEA) the responses to body movements were related to the object or goal of the movements (e.g.  

There appears to be a caudorostral (occipitotemporal) gradient in the distribution and density of the amygdaloid projections, which become progressively more widespread and heavier among the progressively more rostral visual areas (from area V1 to area TEA).  

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