In Memory of Shawn Mikula

Dr. Shawn Mikula

We are saddened by the passing of our colleague Dr. Shawn Mikula, who passed away in July 2018 in Tokyo. Shawn spent his career on the forefronts of neuroimaging, focusing largely on techniques for elucidating the mammalian whole-brain connectome. As a part of those efforts, Shawn was the primary architect of, and we will miss him.

As a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Comparative Neurology, Shawn was involved in putting together a Special Imaging Issue of the journal dedicated to recent efforts to develop a connectome map of the mouse brain. That issue was completed by his colleagues at the journal and dedicated to his memory. In that Special Imaging Issue of JCN Dr. Patrick Hof wrote an editorial summarizing Shawn's career and contributions to science that serves as a fitting epitaph.

Shawn Mikula at the University of Tokyo, 2018